Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lenin's Statue

"This is very important we must put a stop to forms of praise that are expressions of inadequately suppressed, inadequately extinguished reflexes on our part. That song, for example: 'O CNR, Thomas Sankara, may he forever be president!" is not good. Because when you're president, you're president. Either you're president of you're not. We must be clear. This song is not good. At this rate, in one year, or in two years, we'll find ourselves in some festivals with some troupes that will have practiced this a lot more and may also have nothing else to do than this." 

<^Thomas Sankara,
 President of Burkina-Faso 1983-87.

Just swap 'President' with your own 'Government' and consider how many PR Bureaucrats are employed to play the part of a well versed troupe, singing the praises of an already self-congratulatory caste. Its a rather adept diagnosis of man's ills; the superfluous pitfalls of bureaucracy: If I could cleanse myself of Oblomovschina and bother to read Lenin then I might find its origins somewhere in his writings. Only I suspect just a single department dedicating itself to the commissioning of his statues was never quite enough…

Thomas Sankara is oft referred to (well, let's face it, he's not often referred to)... but when he is... as 'The Upright Man', since it was he who gave Burkina-Faso its name. What then, does that make Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov?