Thursday, 7 August 2014

To Laughingly Invoke...

I lit my cigar on nuclear ash,
And I Am,
Theoretically speaking…
A Doped up spaceman
Looking high
All the time.
And I laugh at everything
with the sternest of expressions;
my remarks will become
as disparate as your
principles and actions.
You should know that I never laugh
oh no,
I'm deadly serious
about the things that amuse me.
I am afraid
of my public face.
Hence why
my passions reside
In secret.
A closeted disposition
protects the world
from necessary
but unwelcome
As I've been lead
to believe,
it is my own
exclusive right
to trouble myself
with everything
that troubles me.

And so,
Nothing is ever

"Thanks to me".

the people who talk,
they are the ones who see,
eye to eye.
the precise feeling of understanding
your full capability,
and armed
with that
precise knowledge,
it is decided that you needn't exercise it.

gallivanting perniciousness
is the prescribed stance of the nihilist,
by those most in denial!

Infer what isn’t meant
and you adopt the stance of the angry political class;
Artless in your demeanour,
you perceive monochronism in plains of radiant colour;
A liberal 'thinker' is 'appalled'
by a perceived injustice
because he has never been angry;

Lawyers and politicians; the most artful of all prosaics.
Before whom,
Innate rights have to be qualified in tournaments of pre-requisite litigation.

And you, the jury,
The artless masses,
Overlook my 'neologistic' tendencies.
To the extent that highlighting the word
is still a pointless exercise:

To say that "when Cubism collaged futurism,
all other art was rendered pointless."

Gets me nowhere
in my pursuit of expression,
much like,
Gentlemanly affection;
in today’s world,
is an aphrodisiac in reverse.

The most pathetic kind of kind.

I could go on,
but such boredom
is a predicament
of which to be highly ashamed,
and righteously scorned
by people such as myself.
You should know that I never laugh

oh no,
I'm deadly serious
about what is humorous.

So you should know that I never laugh,
Such an Absurd stance,
is absurd
for those who don’t know the meaning 
of the word.

Yours, SiBot

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